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Siddh Shriyantra

Siddh Shriyantra in Surat by Lalit Kothari. Call +91 73830 07000
Siddh Shriyantra or Shree Yantra is considered to be a very powerful device of divination. To accelerate the growth rate and prosperity, Shree Yantra is very favorable. The basic element on which this device works is Energy. It is strong enough to control one’s Physical Energy, Space Energy and Divine Mind. Shree Yantra represents the coming together of Masculine and Feminine Divinity.

Siddh Shriyantra is very common these days and easily available but we have to be very careful to buy the authentic Shree Yantra. One more important thing is just to buy, gift or keeping the Shree Yantra might not be of any use or even may create bad effects. It is must to place it with a proper process that is called the Siddhi of the Yantra by the Yantra Expert.

Shree Yantra is a very auspicious device with mystical geometrical structure of Hindu Tantra. It is composed of nine interlocked triangles surrounding the center point. The center point is called the ‘Bindu’. The triangles represent the energy of human body as well as the energy of the universe.

Maha Meru Yantra
The three dimensional structure of the Shree Yantra is known as the Maha Meru Yantra. The Meru Yantra structure consists of the special shapes and their combinations. Each shape signifies some or other concepts.
  • The Dot (Bindu): The Bindu represents Focus and Concentration.
  • The Triangle (Trikona): The upward Triangles represent the masculine divine power of Lord Shiva and the downward Triangles symbolize the goddess called Shakti.
  • The Six Points Star (Shatkona): The points of the triangles form the star structure which signifies the union of Purusha and Prakriti that is Shiva and Shakti for the eternal creation.
  • The Circle(Chakra): The Chakra represents the rotation and the macrocosmic evolution or the organisms and symbolizes the element Air.
  • The Square (Bhupura): The square structure of the Yantra represents ‘Earth’ or ‘Ether’.
  • The Lotus (Padma): The Lotus (Kamal) stands for the ultimate purity of the Supreme Self. It shows the effects of the external vibes on the health and healing on one’s body.
We do Sidhi of the pious Shree Yantra using special Cosmic Power integrated with scientific techniques. Shree Yantra holds full record of bringing health, wealth, prosperity and peace to the person’s life by correcting one’s Aura by means of balancing all the external and internal energies and setting the right harmony. We have worldwide followers that we provide our services especially for Siddhi of Shree Yantra in so many countries. We have done the Sidhi of Shree Yantra for so many people in our country as well as across the globe with highly satisfactory results in their lives.


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