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Astrological Combinations Of Marriage

Astrological Combinations Of Marriage
In astrology, there are certain planetary combinations that indicate marriage. Here are some of the most important planetary combinations related to marriage, which is call Astrological Combinations Of Marriage:

  • 1. Venus and Jupiter Conjunction: The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is considered auspicious for marriage as it indicates love, harmony, and happiness in relationships.
  • 2. The Seventh House and Its Lord: The seventh house represents marriage and partnerships, and its lord indicates the type of partner and the nature of marriage. A strong seventh house and its lord are important for a successful marriage.
  • 3. Venus in the Seventh House: Venus is the planet of love and relationships, and when it is placed in the seventh house, it indicates a strong desire for marriage and a loving spouse.
  • 4. Moon and Mars Conjunction: The conjunction of the Moon and Mars indicates emotional intensity, passion, and physical attraction. It can indicate a strong desire for intimacy and a fulfilling sexual relationship in a marriage.
  • 5. Sun and Moon Conjunction: The conjunction of Sun and Moon indicates a balance of masculine and feminine energies, which is important for a harmonious marriage. It can indicate a strong emotional connection and a deep understanding between partners.
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