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Astrological Combinations Of Marriage

Astrology, there are certain planetary combinations that indicate marriage. Here are some of the most important planetary combinations related to marriage:

  • 1. Venus and Jupiter Conjunction: The conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is considered auspicious for marriage as it indicates love, harmony, and happiness in relationships.
  • 2. Seventh House and Its Lord: The seventh house represents marriage and partnerships, and its lord indicates the type of partner and the nature of marriage. A strong seventh house and its lord are important for a successful marriage.
  • 3. Venus in the Seventh House: Venus is the planet of love and relationships, and when it is placed in the seventh house, it indicates a strong desire for marriage and a loving spouse.
  • 4. Moon and Mars Conjunction: The conjunction of Moon and Mars indicates emotional intensity, passion, and physical attraction. It can indicate a strong desire for intimacy and a fulfilling sexual relationship in marriage.
  • 5. Sun and Moon Conjunction: The conjunction of Sun and Moon indicates a balance of masculine and feminine energies, which is important for a harmonious marriage. It can indicate a strong emotional connection and a deep understanding between partners.


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