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Kundali Dosh Yantra

Kundali Dosh Yantra
The Kundali Dosh Yantra is a sacred geometric tool in Hindu astrology designed to mitigate planetary doshas or imbalances in one’s birth chart. This yantra is believed to harness positive cosmic energies and neutralize malefic influences, promoting harmony and well-being. Devotees often use it as a spiritual aid to enhance their astrological remedial measures and lead a more balanced life.

During the birth of the person, the position of all the Planets, Stars, the Sun, the Moon and the other celestial bodies and their relative potions and timings decide the nature and activities of the life of the person. There are some particular positions of the universal bodies which comprise lifetime problems for the person.

The celestial bodies include:
  • Sun सूर्य (Surya)
  • Mercury बुध (Budha)
  • Venus शुक्र (Śukra)
  • Earth पृथ्वी (Prithvi)
  • Mars मंगल (Mangal)
  • Jupitar बृहस्पति (Brahspati)
  • Saturn शनि (Shani)
  • Uranus अरुण (Arun)
  • Neptune वरूण (Varun)
  • Pluto यम (Yam)
  • North Lunar Node Rahu
  • South Lunar Node Ketu
  • Friendly Planets Mercury, Saturn, Venus
  • Enemy Planets Mars, Sun, Moon
  • Neutral Planet Jupiter
Angarak Yog:
The condition of Angarak Yog happens due to same placement of the Sun and the Mars (Mangal Graha) planet. Due to this yog, the person becomes unable to achieve the attempted goals. He might face hurdles even if all other planets and events are properly aligned.

Chandal Yog:
The Jupiter (Brahaspati / Guru) signifies the five fundamental factor of life that is Wealth and Home, Child and Education, Fortune, Karma and business and finally yielding space. The alignment of Jupiter with ‘Rahu’ (North Lunar Node) and ‘Ketu’ (South Lunar Node) forms the Chandal Yog. Due to this situation, the person might suffer complications in any of the above stated aspect of life.

Grahan Yog:
The positioning alignment of Sun and Moon with Rahu and Ketu creates the situation of Grahan Yog. The occurrence of Grahan Yog restricts the person to accomplish his wishes. Most of his efforts seem to go in vain.

Kaalsarp Dosh:
Kaalsarp Dosh is generated when all the planets come in between the Rahu and Ketu. In this situation the ill fate is introduced in one’s Kundali called as Kaalsarp Dosha. Kaalsarp Dosh may create complexity in life such as delayed important decisions and attainment, unexpected issues in life, problems in life.

Kemundram Dosh:
The Kemundram Dosh is occurred when no other body come around both sides of the Moon. This situation is also known for the poverty. The person born with this situation usually suffers from scarcity of resources in life even after so many efforts or capabilities.

Sankat Yog:
Sankat Yog is generated due to a special position between Moon (Chandra) and Jupiter (Guru). This yog calls for long term poverty that is may be in all lives. The person might get some profit sides but the losses side is always dominating the wealth. The person undergoes long life economic deficiency.

Shapit Dosh:
Shapit Dosh is aroused due to a special situation between Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Due to the presence of the Shapit Dosh, the all other superior horoscope also fails to prosper the person. The person faces so many hurdles in life and becomes unable fulfill his wishes in life.

Vish Yog:
The specific position between Saturn and Moon gives rise to the Yog called Vish Yog. This Yog confines the entire excelling path for the person thereby depriving him from achievements.

All of the above problems of Doshas and Yog can be cured by some Dosh Yantras or remedial methods. We hold expertise in corrections of such problems by means of Yantra Pendants, Gems, Stones etc. We have a long list of clients who have been benefitted from our methodologies and got rid of these Kundli Doshas which had been bothering them since birth.
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