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Palmistry is basically the knowledge of lines and texture on one’s palm. To read the lines on the palm and fingers and predict the nature and fortune of the person refers to palmistry. It is said that the lines on the palm tells a lot about the person’s life. Palmistry is the science which can tell all about the past facts, current events and future forecasts. This science of predictions and study has been developed ages back by our country and Greece. ‘Unani Palmistry’ is the system developed by Greek Physicians and then practiced in Indo-Pakistan subcontinent.

I have an expertise in Palmistry and an excellent record with precise analysis and foretelling of past, present and future. Just by reading between the lines of the palm of the person’s palm I can tell them about their fate and fortune. Each and every thin line or imprint on the palm and fingers of both the hands has some or other significance. The right knowledge of meaning of each line and the talent of setting the connections is required here. It has helped a lot of people with their life problems and solutions.

Basically, the lines of the palm and our corresponding horoscope are all interrelated and are collectively responsible for our life proceedings. The nature of thumb of the palm tells about the will power of the person. The line of Sun on the palm is capable to reveal about the level of fame of the person.

The hands imprints and lines of every person are unique. That is why thumb and finger prints are considered for the unique identification system and verification. By taking the imprints of both the hands I can depict the whole story of the person’s life regarding personality, family, career, health, wealth, friends etc. Accordingly I can estimate the upcoming success or failure mapping along with the groundwork or fixation accordingly.
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